Summer Program

The Montessori School of New York International offers a fun, educational summer program for children ages 2 to 14. We offer a unique combination of both Montessori and traditional camp activities.

Taking advantage of all New York City has to offer, children will also attend field trips to our city’s many cultural attractions. Besides, the zoos, the playgrounds, and the meadows of the various parks, the children will enjoy visits to the Botanic Gardens and Children's museums as well as the world-renowned museums! Favorites include the New York Aquarium, the Planetarium, the United Nations, the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

A variety of sports are offered as well, taught by visiting specialty coaches: Gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, tennis, and chess to name a few!

While in the classroom, emphasis will be on Montessori Educational Exercises for Early Learners with special preparation for reading and number work. Older children will enjoy relating reading and number work with their field trips and their experiments in Science and Biology. Those having difficulties with math and reading can benefit a great deal from this program.

Our rainy day activities include cooking, dance, dramatic play and elocution.

Those interested can also enjoy beginning swimming instruction and water play for the younger children on hot days.

Weekly trips for pony riding or pony cart riding, and horses for the older children, can be arranged for a special fee.

So that the children may have a well-rounded experience, we have planned excellent programs in Music and Movement, Arts and Crafts, and Language, culminating in an End-of-Camp Talent Show.
Children enrolled in the Summer Program will be given preference for September Admission. Children find the Summer Program an exciting experience and an easy transition between home and school.

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