“My four year old daughter has been attending this school for their summer program, and I couldn’t give higher praise. The staff are so kind, caring, thoughtful to my daughter and she often says how she misses her classmates and especially her teachers when she isn’t there. Developmentally, I’ve noticed great advancement in her learning, vocabulary, and writing. They take weekly field trips over summer and each is very educational and has my daughter asking to go back to each place to show me what she learned! Thank you to the teachers and staff for making this summer so great!” – Marc Haynes

“Two of my three children started at this Montessori. Fantastic environment and even better staff and administration. Always cooperative and helpful. My daughter graduated from the London School of Economics last year and starts work on her PhD next year. I believe it is because of the start she got here.” – Brian Sheehan

“Amazing school! I absolutely love it, and the content of the work is definitely above average, and teaches in-depth and challenging work. Especially Ms. Paul and Ms. Sinha.” – Hypolex

"My son and daughter both attend and I couldn’t be happier. My son has started reading even though he is just 4. They both love going to school, and adore all their teachers. I especially enjoy the multicultural focus, both my children have classmates from all around the world – many have parents from the United Nations so we have interesting, informative playdates!! My children come home with many interesting projects they have made and are proud of, and have increased their vocabularies with words that sometimes really surprise me. I find the staff to be knowledgeable, caring and full of energy- which I feel is important for preschoolers. My daughter can do third grade math even though she is only in Kindergarten. And they love to do “homework” which I think is important for their future. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants a fun, learning environment for their children. I’ll be here till they graduate." – MARIE ANDERSON

“My nine year old daughter attends this school and she loves it. The teachers are nice and have taught a lot to my daughter. The class is very educational because it is small class and they have different teachers for different subjects. after school, they do their homework. My daughter also says it’s fun to play with her class mates after school. It’s also a very safe environment with double door lock and video camera. My daughter has been attending this school for seven years and will be staying until graduation.”

“This is a traditional Montessori school for kids from preschool through middle school. Our son has been here since he was 2 and has been thriving. He would be in 1st grade in a traditional private school and in 2nd grade in an NYC public school. Yet, he’s finishing up 3rd grade math, science and reading, which we attribute to the efforts of the teachers and principal. The school emphasizes independence and community, in true Montessori spirit. The kids take frequent field trips near and far – no parents allowed – and learn more than one could imagine. This isn’t a fancy Manhattan place, but if you value the fundamentals and effort from teachers and kids (think homework almost every day), this is the place for yours.”

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